Have you ever wondered how blogging could actually help you grow your business? I used to wonder that exact same thing before 2010.

Since 2010, blogging has helped my grow my business is so many ways and I want to share with you 5 blog posts that have really helped me do this.

As you go through this blog post, I want you to start thinking about ways that you can implement these same concepts to help you grow your business.

Before we get started

If you don’t have a blog yet? Don’t worry!

I have a step by step program called The Ultimate Branding Blueprint that can help you get started… it’s not open now but we open seats to this class a few times a year!

So let’s rock and roll.

Why Blog?

I could go on and on for days but for sake of you sticking around and actually getting through this post, I’ll share this:

Your Blog Builds YOU up as the expert that people will listen to and follow. Provided you have good content of course.

It’s funny how this works but immediately when you see someone’s blog you attach a sense of authority to it…. kinda like ‘Yeah this person is someone I should listen to and learn from’

So think about it…

If you immediately view the blog owner as a credible and valuable figure, how likely are you to spend more time and money with them?

Pretty likely right?

I share how this has happened for me.

I started my home business back when I was 26 years old! (shoot… I’m dating myself now)

I naturally look really young (thanks mom!) so when it came to presenting a business, people didn’t see me as that creditable figure.

So I had a tough time recruiting UP as they called it.

Back in 2010 I started a blog (I had no idea what I was doing back then) and I started blogging about my journey.

As the blog built up followers, I had people reaching out to me and wanting to join me in my business. These were people that were looking up to me that viewed me as a credible leader that they wanted to join and learn from!

I couldn’t believe the power that my blog had in helping my grow my business!

When I picked up the phone to talk to my blog leads, people treated me like a celebrity on the phone…. They were so excited to hear from me and, what was even more exciting, they were basically ready to get started without me having to spend too much time with them!

I mean…. who doesn’t want to join a celebrity in Business…. LOL

Sidenote: People may see my as a celebrity, but I’m really just a normal gal that loves the simple life :-) Flip flops and the BEACH BABY!

So after many years of dialing in my blog strategy to grow my business, I now get to teach a ton of very cool entrepreneurs how to do the same.

One of the things I teach my students is



There are many things that I teach but to keep it simple, in this Video I’ll share with you 5 Blog Posts that grow your business big time… if you implement them.



Your Personal Product Testimony

If you don’t yet have a personal experience about your product that you can share…. GET ONE FAST!

This is one of the best way to share what you have. Your personal experience.

The cool thing is that if you share it once on your blog, you can use that post forever to share your story.
This is an example of my favorite phrase:

‘Working Smarter NOT Harder’

Do the work once and leverage it to have it work for you.

so when I’m on social media talking to a potential prospect and they start asking me about my personal experience…. I could type in out in a message 100 bazillion times

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