5 Steps To Goal Setting Success – Are You Hungry Enough?




Goal setting is the true secret to success in any area of life.


How large is your appetite for success?

Setting a goal may seem simple, achieving it is usually another question altogether.

Why is that?

Because you will never achieve your goals unless you:

(1) You are hungry enough to go after what you desire

(2) know exactly what you want,

(3) are passionate about your goal, and

(4) have a solid, realistic plan of action.

This is what marks the difference between nebulous dreams and wishes – and truly achievable goals!

Many distractions, obstacles and challenges will present itself to hinder you from going after a goal.

Here are 5 time-tested methods that will help get the success you deserve.

1. Do you know what your main objective is?  Knowing exactly what your goal is in my opinion half the battle.

Your first job is to discover exactly what your goal is.

What will achieving that goal really look like?

You should be specific as possible about exactly what your desired end result is.

Having clarity – since an achievable goal plan cannot be created around a nebulous “dream.”

If your goal is to create a more successful business, what will that look like?

Write your plan down.

A written plan is a road map to your success. 


Are you thinking in terms of simply hiring someone else to give you more free time?

Are you looking for a very specific monthly profit?

Or can your goal be best expressed in terms of a certain lifestyle?

Regardless of what you want, the best way to get it is to first clarify exactly what you want in as much detail as possible.

This can be hard work. But without a clear mental picture, you’ll never have the focus required to achieve your goal.

2. Be willing to pay the “price”  Invest in your success. (Money, Time, hard work)

Success takes dedicated planning and effort.

Don’t expect to succeed without putting in some elbow work.

Yes, sometimes it takes investing money – your money or crowdfund or investors to name a few.

In a way it’s like building a house.

In the beginning all you have is a rough concept.

Then you develop a complete set of plans – and you immediately move closer to success.

The same is true of creating a better lifestyle, or a more successful business.

But there’s always an *price* to be paid for success.

The entry fee?

Creating more success in your business may mean less recreational time.

Writing your own book may require less TV.

Being closer to your children may require adjusting your work or social activities.

It’s the “full glass” deal. If your life (your time) is already full to the top, there’s no room for something new. The entry fee is carving out the time to create that something new.

3. Focus on your goal every day

Consistency is a very important key.

Having the right mind set – mental focus is so very important.

Consistent daily focus is absolutely necessary to “burn in” the new neural pathways you need to create your new goal.

Build good work habits and ethics.

Without daily focus, the old mental habits that have kept you from your goal will continue to take over.

Doing something 30 days in row will become a habit automatically for most. 

The only way to override subconscious anti-success messages is to consciously focus on what you DO want – and build new neural networks!

That’s why success is an every-day event.

Re-commit to your goal every day.

Eat, Sleep and drink your plan everyday.

Let your goal be first in your life.  

Don’t let non-essential daily tasks and distractions that will try to take over.

Life WILL try to get in your way.

Stay on course every day.

Focus on your goal, and on success!

4. Having passion for your success is a must.

One of the most powerful tools in your “success tool box” is having real passion for your goal.

Why passion?

Because intense passionate desire for your goal will help you burn in those new neural pathways even faster.

Many, many scientific studies have shown that intense emotion (passion) is a key success tool.

PLUS (and this is really a *big* plus), intense passion will also help you rapidly override any inappropriate old “failure messages” stored in your subconscious mind.

5. Take action

Everyday work on your plans no matter how small do something to move forward with your plans. 

Successful goal achievement is built by taking one small action after another.

The word is ACTION!

Avoid sitting back waiting for that big second when everything will magically “just happen.”

Belief in You.

You CAN create whatever you want in life.



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