7 Goal Setting Steps



Do you want to have a life without limits?

If your answer is yes then consider these three keys:

1.  Simplicity,

2.  Proficiency

3.  Awareness.

In order to progress or move towards a lifestyle you want a plan or goal setting is imperative.

Goal setting is equivalent to a road map and unless you know where you going and set some boundaries you will drift off , stagger, stop or turn back to start all over.

Is it possible to live without limits?   Yes.

Goal setting will help you live without limits.

Learning how to set goals is an art.

Below are 7 conditions necessary to -have conditions to set goals.

1.  Write down your objectives and be specific

2. Keep your goal on level that you will be able to depend on you only to initiate it.   Take steps to accomplish higher levels of your objectives.  Make sure the goal can be self-initiated and maintained.   

3. Your goal must be very clear.

The clearer the picture, the more compelling and the more attractive it is, the greater the drive to reach your final destination.

Act as if the goal is already achieved.

Make a very clear image, in rich details, and you will be so enthusiastic that you will automatically attract the solution.

4. State the framework of the goal.

“Where and when will my goal be achieved?”

The answer can be obvious for some goals but not at all for others. Try to be as specific as possible.

5. Make sure conditions are feasible for your objectives.

You must be prepare, have a purpose and a passion for what you want.

Be ready to receive what is yours.

You must have balance in all areas of your home/work life.

Stay focus.

You must have a strategy in place.

When you are in alignment with your purpose you will know it.

Everything is one system and the whole system must win.

You will find peace of mind in knowing that you are in harmony with the system.

Step back and look at all areas of your life. Is your goal worth it?

6. When strategizing be sure to write down the resources needed to achieve the goal: what is the price to pay?

There is always a price to pay, for everything.

There is always some kind of sacrifice to make when you set a worthy goal.

In this step, you will define all that you will need, in terms of time, money and energy.

7. State the value and the consistency of the goal.

Know your Why

Why is it important to me?

Is this goal in harmony with my vision, beliefs and values?

Answer these questions.

If you don’t seem to be satisfied with the answers, maybe you should change your goal.

Set a new goal until you feel it is in harmony with your passion, vision or mission.

When you properly set a goal with this model, two important things occur:

1.  Total harmony with your vision, belief and value systems because your entire “You” agrees and offers no resistance.

2.  Success

 Indeed, your very (whole) neurology and physiology are both instructed to drive you towards obtaining your desired goal. 

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