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How To Set Goals and Plans The Easy Way


What are your goals and plans?  You must have goals and plans to make $$millions.  Yes, there are a few who stumble upon “good luck” or those who are left a big inheritance; you still need a plan to keep your millions. 

Setting goals is extremely easy, although it can take some time to decide exactly what goals you should set for yourself.

Have you written down your plans for obtaining your business?  When writing your plans down be specific in the details of how you want your business operation and finances to flow.  

How many employees will you need to run your business?  Do you need to take courses to be certified in your field? 

What type of license do you need to operate your business in your city? 

Read motivational books to keep you inspired, motivated and to do your research.


To get $$millions and to keep $$millions you must have a $$$millionaire mindset.  I know you want me to show you the millions; if you do not see you are already moving towards your millions perhaps you are not ready.  It’s okay!  The $$millions will be there when you are ready.  

Easy Way To Set Goals: 

1.  Create A List

2.  Choose 5 Goals

3.  Write Goals in a Present and Positive Tense 

4.  Read Your Goals Daily

5.  Re -Write Your Goals


An easy way to begin is to first create a list of everything you would like to do in life.

It doesn’t matter what you write, and the more things you can think of the better.

When writing the list, try not to think of whether something will be possible or impossible to do, but instead write as though you were writing a wish list where you could have anything you wanted.


By doing this you take one step closer to achieving your goals, as often many of our goals are simply left in the mind and forgotten about because we believe that we are incapable of achieving them.

However,  you would be surprised at how many things you thought were impossible, were actually possible if you just took the time, and made the effort to go after them.

Once you have created your wish list you should now choose 5 goals that you want to start working on immediately. These goals can be anything you like, although to give your life balance it is a good idea to choose 1 goal for each area of your life.

For example, a goal for financial, romantic, personal, spiritual and health are good areas to begin with.

Although do what you feel is best, so if you want 3 financial goals and 2 health goals that would be ok. However avoid concentrating your goals on one single area, as this will unbalance your life.

Although, it may be tempting to choose more than 5 goals, 5 is a good number to begin with as it allows you to focus your mind on a few specific goals, and devote more of your energy to accomplishing them. If you choose too many goals to begin with, you may feel overwhelmed and give up before you even begin.

Once you get the hang of goal setting, you can then begin to add more goals later. In fact it’s a good idea to have as many goals as you can, but only when you feel comfortable with the process of setting goals.

With the 5 goals that you have chosen, your next step is to write them in a goal format. This simply involves writing your goals in the present, positive tense. For example, I have or I am.

This is extremely important as it tells the mind this is what you should have, rather than what you want or will have. So writing I Will or I have should be avoided.

Now that you have your goals written in goal format look at them daily, and rewrite your goals in the morning and night to burn them into your mind.

The more you focus on your goals, the stronger the desire will be to accomplish them.

The fields I would suggest concentrating in are food, service, and product.  Will your business fulfill a need for others? No matter what field you want to work in always do your research about the business.  You can find out a lot of information from the internet or go to your local library. 

The Small Business Administration has a good website that will help you with a business plan. Visit your local SBA.   Also the IRS website has good tips for businesses.  

Remember write your plan down.  If your business is important to you it should be important enough to write a plan down in details about your proposed business.  


A great way to tell others about your business is to blog about it and syndicate it on the various media available on the web. 

 Here are 8 channels of syndication:

1.  video sharing

2.  Audio Sharing

3.  PDF

4.  Slide Sharing

5.  Infographics

6.  Social Media

7.  Tumblr

8. 40

9  Press releases

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Remember these three words; Patience, Persistence and propel.  Have patience, be persistent and propel your business to the ultimate level. 

It is important to know what it will take to make your success.  Keep a log (electronically or paper).   You also want to be able to see your progress or anything you may need to change or expand; so keep a log. 

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Thank you for letting me share a little of my life with you.  If you found this to be of value please share with others and write a comment. 


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~Lyn Moses





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